Doctoral research in the intersection of gender and disability in people living with chronic pain in Scotland and Perú

by María de los Angeles Zapata Rodríguez

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Why am I researching?

One of the main concerns I have is that we are missing more evidence on what means to live in pain in a daily basis. One thing is to experience pain once in a while and another is to have to live in pain 24/7/365. I already said that I think it is relevant toContinue reading “Why am I researching?”

Why powerful employment?

While writing this blog, I thought about the title a lot, I thought it was important that it reveals what my research was about. Then I realized that it wasn’t just a title, but thinking beyond whether I was looking at disability or gender, or just what it means to live with chronic pain. InContinue reading “Why powerful employment?”

Want to get part of my study as a participant?

Are you a professional worker? Do you live with a chronic condition? Do you live in chronic pain (feeling pain all days at some point of the day)? Are you in charge of employment policies? Do you know/represent an organisation related to gender/disability issues?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please, get in touch

Want to know more about me as a researcher?

Who am I? Where I was born? What did I study? Why am I researching chronic pain and employment? Are you willing to take part in a research led by a complete stranger? You are entitled to these questions and more… 😉

Please, find out more about me in the following link:

I am a second year doctoral student of Human Resources at Heriot-Watt University. I am originally from Peru, 32, my first degree is in Politics. I’ve also studied masters in Education and Business. I am trying to understand how employment experiences of people are impacted when living in chronic pain.

Get in touch:

María de los Angeles Zapata Rodríguez
(+44) 07395 390245

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“When we thought we had all the answers, suddenly all the questions changed.”

Mario Benedetti
(Uruguayan poet and novelist)

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